15 Lesbian and Queer TikTok Creators for WLW to Follow

15 Lesbian and Queer TikTok Creators for WLW to Follow

TikTok is largely Tinder for any gays.

After plenty of uncertainty nearby the ongoing future of the application, it appears that the United States government don’t prohibit TikTok.

These details may indicate little for you if perhaps you were produced before 2000, but for the scores of zoomers that located someplace due to their wide array of passion and identities on TikTok, that is very big development. Everyone knows towards electricity of TikTok teenagers to disrupt political proceedings and effect tradition (Charlie D’Amelio has actually a Dunkin’ Donuts drink called after the lady. ), but did you know you will find flourishing forums of LGBTQ+ individuals who make use of TikTok as a safe destination to express themselves?

If you should be a WLW, it’s the perfect time you swallow fully your pleasure and down load TikTok. Or you may just lose out on improvements in your own community. Listed below are the 15 preferred lesbian and queer TikTokers to commemorate TikTok leftover from inside the application store/


Kylie and Hannah are among the cutest lovers on TikTok. Not just do they send lovable and amusing video of the loving relationship, nonetheless they additionally use their particular platform to call-out common misconceptions about WLW affairs. The aforementioned TikTok, which ultimately shows Kylie shocking Hannah in dress she used on the very first big date, is one of many adorable times the couple offers through its supporters.


Gabriella Ovalles are a Michigan condition college student with a massive utilizing on TikTok. She appears shockingly like Timothee Chalamet, have an equally attractive twin sister, and stuff most engaging movies of their lifestyle.


Long-time couples Hailee and Kendra initially rose to Tik okay fame whenever they started publishing Kendra’s humorous reactions to Hailee’s cringey pick up traces. Since then, they have collected 2.9 million followers and counting.


Avery Cyrus is one of the well-known TikTokers on the system with 3.7 million fans. The main topic of this lady films vary, however they often function the girl lovable sweetheart, Sophie, and target LGBTQ+ customs. We furthermore like their series “Avery Tries” that presents the students influencer attempting new stuff the very first time.


POV your own gf is quite elegant and exactly how she does this lady makeup products appears like brain surgery to ur simple notice @quinnwilsonn ##ImAMusician ##fyp

If you should be a queer femme, you almost certainly listen to King Princess. If you’ve ever been to certainly the woman concerts, you realize she’s an enormous personality and a fantastic love of life, all of which shine by on the TikTok account. Plus, you’re able to see the lady connect to her girlfriend, Quinn, like within the TikTok overhead.


Another adorable WLW regarding checklist, Alissa and Sam make pretty pair’s content, but in addition fulfill all of your gay hunger trap requires (as viewed above).


idgaf abdominal ur bf @avasage

Olivia is online dating fellow TikToker Ava Sage, in addition to two youngsters create a really lovable few. There’s something cathartic about enjoying 17-year-olds end up being unapologetically gay, particularly if you’re earlier which wasn’t really an alternative within adolescent years. And certainly, the eyebrow slit is a gay thing today, apparently.


Ash Morgan was an appealing content founder for many factors, including that she hitched one when she got most youthful, merely to after find out that she was a lesbian and later divorce your and then leave the Mormon faith. Now, she brings video about becoming a femme lesbian, activities she don’t realize until she came out, and information regarding exactly how mandatory heterosexuality consequence ladies.


Cheyanne Taylor the most positive men and women on social media marketing. Cheyanne was once dating Michelle Lundy, and with each other the pair podpora squirt were certainly one of social media marketing’s most famous WLW couples. But now, after their own dramatic break up, Cheyanne’s stuff tend to be better still.


the 80s never ever kept tho ??

Vas Halastaras initial got well-known on Instagram for her resemblance into the David by Michelangelo, as well as for their typically stunning androgynous charm. We love the susceptible, funny, and useful contents she is been uploading.


new look everything we thinkin?

Another exemplory case of the Gen-Z gay lady brow slit pattern, Hannah content most lip sync clips produced especially for WLW.


First of all, Marth is just ridiculously hot. A self-proclaimed masc bisexual, countless Marth’s material deals with WLW heritage and styles. With the rest of truly laugh out loud funny or totally drool-worthy.


Although we favor their ex-girlfriend, there’s no denying that Michelle Lundy is just one of the finest lesbians on TikTok. She largely blogs cringey thirst barriers or hopeless ploys for Cheyanne’s attention, nevertheless all manages to become engaging (even in the event it type of sad).


Whenever u friend zone one another right back & forward for six months

Soph, who is dating Avery Cyrus, features one million TikTok supporters of her own, making them just a bit of a TikTok power pair. Soph stuff considerably very long type video clips than Avery, but this lady infectious laugh and positivity tends to make most of her clips completely charming.


With an impressive 2.4 million followers, Hannah Raisor is among the most well-known WLW TikTokers. Every thing started making use of the preceding TikTok, which has a cool 3.1 million likes and counting. She additionally has a tendency to publish uplifting and stimulating content on her behalf an incredible number of followers.

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